Annusch Applied Art | Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae

Name:                         Johanna Braeunlich

Date of birth:               23.11.1973

Place of birth:             Fulda, Germany

Citizenship:                 German

Address:                     Markt 6, 1354 AT Almere, Nederland



Professional training and education


September 2002 – August 2006     Gerrit Rietveld Academy Amsterdam, Ceramic Department

Studies and education in the field of ceramic and sculpture. Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in July 2006.


October 1999 – June 2000     Burg Giebichenstein, art academy in Halle, Germany

Studies and education in the field of ceramics and sculpture.


June 1995 – January 1998     Töpferei Knapp, Bayreuth, Germany                                                      

Manufacturing stoneware (tableware and tile stoves), gas-fired at 1250°C with reduction technique. The training included all aspects such as throwing, glazing, decoration, manufacturing tiles for tile stoves, preparing clay and glazes, loading and firing the kilns as well as an intensive training in ceramic theory at Keramikfachschule Landshut. Diploma attained in June 1998.


June 1994 – June 1995     Töpferei Gerber-Eckert, Trier, Germany                                                     

Practical education and work experience.


July 1984 –  June 1993     Gymnasium Kopernikusschule Freigericht, Germany   

Abitur (German High School diploma) attained in June 1993.                                                                                                     





August 2008 until today             

Working in my profession as applied artist in the fields of ceramics, sculpture, drawing and painting in my own studio in Almere Haven.


March – june 1999     Golden Bridge Pottery (GBP), Pondicherry, India

Manufacturing stoneware, wood-fired at 1250°C with reduction technique. Teaching of the students in throwing and ceramic theory. Assistance in different working fields of GBP.


April – august 1998     Association of Craft Producers (ACP), Kathmandu, Nepal

Assistance and teaching in the Ceramic Department of ACP. Manufacturing earthenware, fired at 1040°C with Cerosine. Developing of new forms, glazes and decorations. Thriving to improve the quality of the tableware by increasing the firing temperature from 1040°C to 1080°C. Developing a new type of clay that is suitable for higher firing temperatures. This project was supported by a scholarship from Carl Duisberg Society (Germany).



Further education


November 2007       

Participation in the course “Administratie voor beeldend Kunstenaars”, offered by the “Beroepsvereniging voor Beeldend Kunstenaars”(BBK) in Amsterdam.


October 2007                       

Chinese brushwork on ceramics. Docent Yuk Kan Yeung, Haarlem, Netherlands.


September 2007      

Participation in the course “Het speel & de knickers” 10 lectures about the financial part of being an artist. Offered by “Kunstenaars & Co” in Amsterdam.


February 2005          

Nude drawing and painting, European Art Academy, Trier (Germany).


April 2002                 

Nude drawing, European Art Academy, Trier.


October 2001

Slip painting and decoration on ceramics.


October 1997

Construction of a 500 l wood-burning kiln.


September 1997

Fundaments of welding (preparatory step for a kiln construction seminar).


April 1997

Wood-firing seminar: Raku-technique, sawdust-firing, firing of different wood-burning kilns (1150°C and 1250°C).


March 1997               

Free painting, European Art Academy, Trier.


February 1997

Ash-based celadon-craquele glazes.


September 1996

“Überschlagtechnik”: special technique for the construction of tile stoves.


August 1996             

Portrait drawing, European Art Academy, Trier.


July 1995 and September 1994         

Thai hand building technique for building large scale pots.






November –  December 1993  and September 1989        

Töpferei G. Ruppert, Steinau, Germany (pottery)


August 1993             

Domani Möbelwerkstatt, Freiburg, Germany (carpentry workshop)






Oktober 2016                       

Affordable Art Fair Amsterdam (AAF)


Juli – dec 2016           

Participation in Natuurkunstpark Lelystad, angroep exposition in public space from members of KVF (Kunstenaars Vereniging Flevoland).


Juli – aug 2016      

Groep exposition with zelf portraits from members of KVF (Kunstenaars Vereniging Flevoland) at Municipal House Emmeloord.


Juni 2016                  

Participation in Poster Floriade Project of foundation De Zijnenrups Almere.


Mei – juni 2016

Participation in “Voorjaarssalon”, groep exposition from members of KVF (Kunstenaars Vereniging Flevoland) in statehouse Flevoland in Lelystad.


September 2015      

Participation in groep exposition with reference to the Open Day of Schouwburg Almere at 24 september 2015.


Mei – juni 2015         

Groep exposition “Het kan in Almere: Almeerse Kunst” at BG-105 in Almere Haven, gallery of young artist lab BG-22-24.


December 2014        

Participation in groep exposition in gallery Beeldend Gesproken in Amsterdam with reference to Beeldend Gesproken Art-price 2014.


April 2014                 

Participation in exposition from Uniepalet at Stadhuis Almere.


Maart – april 2014    

Participation in groep exposition from Stichting Inspiratie Inc. and Kwintes in the building “De Hulk” in Almere Haven.


April 2010                 

Participation in groep exposition “Jakob am Jabbok” at “Marienkirche” in Gelnhausen, Germany.


April 2010                 

Participation in web-exposition from the Nederland’s “Beroepsvereniging voor Beeldend Kunstenaars” (BBK)


November 2009       

Participation in exhibition “Aanwas 5”, organized by the “Beroepsvereniging voor beeldend Kunstenaars” (BBK) at gallery Loods 6, Amsterdam.


June 2009                 

Participation in group exhibition in “Kunstenaarsbroedplaats de Hulk” in Almere Haven, connected with the “A-HAA dagen Almere”.


May 2009                  

Exhibition of ceramic sculptures in Gallery “Tuin a’ la cart”, Almere.                    


December 2008        

Participation in the sales exhibition “kerst & carry” in “Corrosia”, Centrum Voor Beeldende Kunst in Almere Haven.


July 2008                  

Exhibit of paintings in Gallery “Tuin a’ la cart”, Almere.


June 2008                 

Participation in different exhibitions within the scope of Evenaarsvestival Almere.


March 2008               

Participation in exhibition “Beeldend gesproken kunstprijs 2008” museum Jan van der Togt, Amstelveen.


September 2007      

Participation in “Kunstmarkt Almere” with jewellery and ceramics.


November 2006       

Participation in the 21st Kunstlijn, sculpture- en art manifestation in Haarlem, the Nederlands.


July 2006                  

Participation in the End examination Exhibition of the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam.


July 2005                  

Participation in the exhibition “Afstuderend” in the “Vredenskerk” in Amsterdam.


June 2003 and June 2005          

Participation in the sales exhibition “Rietveld naar de Beurs” at Beurs van Berlage” in Amsterdam.


November – December 2004            

Participation in the exhibition “Goudomrand – The future handmade at the Nederlandse Bank in Amsterdam.






August 2009 – March 2010 

Building of a large scale ceramic sculpture “Krokodile in Stadswerfpark” for the public space in Almere (stadswerfpark Almere) after winning a competition of residential building company “Alliantie Flevoland”.


January 2006, october 2004 and february 2000         

After winning a competition, designing of four different church windows for the protestant church “Johanneskirche” in Freigericht (Germany), made in glass and lead by the glass factory Hetterich in Gelnhausen.






February 2015 until today         

Giving weekly throwing courses in pot-throwing with the wheel in own studio Annusch Ceramic Arts.


August 2008 – December 2009          

Giving throwing courses for adults and children in own studio at Kunstenaarsbroedplaats de Hulk in Almere.


January 2004 – December 2005        

Attending weekly pottery (throwing) courses in the Cultural Center “Griffioen” in Amstelveen.


September 1989 – June 1992  

Giving two ceramic courses weekly for children in the Municipal House of the protestant church “Johanniskirche” in Freigericht (Germany).



 Voluntary work


October 2013 – December 2014           

Giving ceramic workshops for refugee-children in creative activity centre Buurthuis Jan Steen in Almere in cooperation with Stichting Inspiratie Inc.



Oktober 2011 – January 2012         

Community art project in AZC (residence for asylum seekers) Almere: Manufacturing and placing large scale art pieces of mosaic and ceramics together with mosaic-artist Bertina Slettenhaar in cooperation with Stichting ter Bevordering van Vrolijkheid.


Oktober 2011 – May 2013         

Attending ceramic workshops for refugees in AZC Almere in cooperation with Stichting ter Bevordering van Vrolijkheid.


Oktober 2006 – August 2008

Giving throwing classes for a mentally handicapped boy for Stichting de Witte Olifant Almere.