Annusch Applied Art | Hawaii tangas

Hawaii tangas

If you want to seduce your lover you should definitely order one of these:
Just warn him if he thinks the little pearls are as sweet as you are. Because if he tried them, he might break his teeth and then you would probably not feel attracted to him anymore;-).
You don't even have to be naked to show the jewelry you're wearing - even if you wear the tanga under low-rise jeans, the pearls will be visible and still you won't feel them - the tanga is very comfortable to wear! And even to wash - you can just put the tanga in the washing machine together with your other clothes:-).
The pearls of the tanga are made of high fired colored porcelain, the price of a tanga is 95 Euros, together with the beautiful jewelry box.
The jewelry box is made of stoneware and on each one you find a unique image of a couple in love: he seems to be concentrating more on the sweets she is wearing than on her which she again seems to find kind of amusing :-P.
I promise, this special tanga will bring lots of joy for both:-)!